Dental bounding in Colombia – Tooth reconstruction

Composite dental veneer

Similar to porcelain dental veneers, composite or resin veneers create a coating over the entire front surface of a tooth. In fact, the composite veneer technique has existed for several decades compared to the porcelain procedure.

From a strictly cosmetic application, the goal of a composite dental veneer is to redo the front surface of the teeth in order to improve their appearance without significantly increasing their thickness.

This means that our dentist in Colombia may need to trim the front of the tooth a bit before bonding with resin. If this is the case, anesthesia may be necessary.

The price in Colombia for a composite dental veneer is 4 times cheaper than in Canada and USA.


Colombia 75 $ us
Canada 350 $ us
UK 350 $ us
USA 350 $ us


The artistic talent of our dentist in Colombia

When a porcelain veneer is made, an impression of the tooth or teeth is taken and a dental laboratory technician then uses it to make the veneer.

Regarding the composite veneer, it is our dentist who is the craftsman. And unlike dental technicians who work as they please in a laboratory, our dentist must obtain satisfactory and immediate results.

It takes talent to make a composite veneer and our dentist in Colombia is familiar with the procedure for doing it with many patients.


How long does a composite veneer last?

All dental composite veneers can become discolored. And for large restorations, wear or fracture can become an issue.

According to longevity studies for large composite dental veneers, statistics have shown that by the fifth year of existence, about 10% of restorations had required some type of repair (none had been completely lost, all could be repaired).

Of the composite dental veneers that had not experienced any type of failure, 90% were rated very good or excellent at 5 years.

Smaller composite veneers will likely have a longer lifespan than larger ones, but even if this is not the case, bonding remains the right choice when a small restoration or repair is required on the teeth.

When relatively large restorations are required, we invite you to discuss with our dentist for possible alternatives. Although their initial cost may be higher, other procedures such as dental crowns may prove to be more profitable due to their increased longevity and our very favorable rates in Colombia.