Smile design in Colombia

It’s sad to hear people say they don’t like their smile and nobody should cover their teeth when they smile.

For most people, the most common reasons to restore their smile are yellow teeth, chipped teeth, crooked or missing teeth, incorrect bite, or short teeth.

The biggest obstacle to restore your smile is the exorbitant prices in UK, Canada or USA. Fortunately, we have the experience to offer you dental treatments 50 to 75% cheaper than in your country while relaxing by the Caribbean Sea in Cartagena, Colombia.


Restore your smile and save thousands


Price is often the most important factor in your decision when the quality and professional skills are similar and Colombia is the ideal place to restore your smile.

Prices in US $

Restoring your smile  Colombia Canada USA
Metal/porcelain (PFM) crown 275 $ 1100 $ 1200 $
100 % porcelain (ceramic) crown 300 $  1300 $ 1500 $
Zirconia crown 350 $ 1700 $ 2000 $
100 % porcelain or zirconia veneer 225 $ 1100 $ 1200 $
Resin veneer (reconstruction) 75 $ 350 $ 350 $
Implant (without crown) 950 $ 2100 $ 2400 $
Teeth whitening 200 $ 600 $ 650 $


The importance of your smile

Your smile plays an important role in relationships and the impression you make.

It shows friendliness, splendor, freshness and helps you to have a good first impression in your social and professional relationships.

More importantly, it can improve your perception of yourself, strengthening your personal image and looking younger, more radiant.



What dental treatments are needed to restore your smile?

Each transformation of the smile is different, because each person is unique and according to the number of dental treatments required and people’s personal goals.

Restoring the smile could be:

Metal / porcelain crowns: This is a type of hybrid construction that involves a metal structure covered with a porcelain coating. These crowns have good aesthetics and are durable. They are used to remedy poorly formed, damaged, broken, missing, bent and dented teeth.

100% porcelain (or ceramic) crowns: These crowns look like a natural tooth and are more translucent. Often used on the incisors and sometimes the canines. Never used for premolars and molars.

Zirconia crowns: These types of crowns offer a superior appearance. They are 100% biocompatible, resistant and free of metals. They are ideal for all teeth.

100% porcelain (or ceramic) veneers: Veneers give a natural look. They are suitable for gum tissue and are stain resistant. They are used to solve problems such as gaps, crooked, damaged or stained teeth.

Resin veneers: Resin veneers are in fact a bonding process of composite resin on the teeth. They are strictly cosmetic in order to resurface the front teeth in order to improve their appearance without significantly increasing their thickness.

Titanium implants: Implants are a proven method of replacing the root of missing teeth. Their hardness and durability resemble to a natural tooth.

Teeth whitening: In this process, the whitening agent is applied to all teeth. The hydrogen peroxide gel and the light improve the efficiency of the procedure and also speed it up.


How does the process of transforming your smile take place?

Once our dental quote has been sent, a detailed diagnosis including the prices of dental treatments will be returned to you for your evaluation.

A discussion will take place to help you understand all the details of the dental process, materials, options, prices, times, stay and we will do our best to answer your questions so that you are at the comfortable with your decision.

During the first appointment, we will assess your condition to ensure that everything is in accordance with the diagnosis to avoid unpleasant surprises. X-rays will be taken during this first consultation and a plan proposed in accordance with the time available to you in Cartagena as well as your preferences.