How to completely restore your teeth without breaking the bank?

Do you have many missing or broken teeth?

Do you have several dental caries?

Do you hate the color of your teeth?

In other words, are you unhappy with the condition of your teeth as well as the appearance of your smile?

Millions of people in Europe and North America are like you regarding their intention to have all their teeth rebuilt, but the price is unaffordable even with dental insurance.

Good news ! If you are looking to save tens of thousands of dollars to restore your teeth, then Cartagena de Indias in Colombia may be the destination for this important treatment.


Rebuild your teeth


The costs to rebuild your teeth are exorbitant in UK, Canadaand USA

The complete oral reconstruction concerns all the teeth in the mouth, so each person is unique and depends on their situation. The approximate cost in UK, Canada and the USA to completely rebuild your teeth is often between 25,000 US $ to 45,000 US $, and even more.

Dental insurance may cover some costs associated with the complete reconstruction of your mouth, but this will depend on the dentist’s diagnosis and dental plan, as well as your dental insurance coverage.

Here is a list of approximate dental care prices in Canada and USA as well as in Colombia that may be required to have your teeth redone.

Prices in US $

Restoring your smile  Colombia Canada USA
Metal/porcelain (PFM) crown 275 $ 1100 $ 1200 $
Zirconia crown 350 $  1700 $ 2000 $
Implant with zirconia crown 1400 $ 3800 $ 4400 $
Root canal, 2 canals 125 $ 650 $ 1000 $
All-on-4 with prosthesis 4500 $ 15000 $ 20000 $
Filling premolar 75 $ 250 $ 250 $
Teeth whitening 200 $ 600 $ 650 $



What dental care is involved in a complete restoration of the mouth?

A complete mouth restoration is a dental procedure that involves repairing several dental problems. This not only improves the appearance of the teeth, but also repairs any oral health problems that may exist.

Some of the procedures that can be recommended include:

Fillings: Dental fillings restore teeth damaged by cavities, reducing pain, preventing further damage and allowing them to return to normal functioning.

Root canal treatments: Root canals repair and preserve teeth very damaged by cavities or infections.

Dental crowns or bridges: Dental crowns have several purposes. They can protect an existing tooth that has been broken, chipped, cracked or damaged by decay. Crowns or bridges can also improve the overall appearance of your smile.

Dental implants: Dental implants replace the root of a missing tooth with a titanium root. The dental implant on the jaw bone serves as a solid and permanent base for a dental crown or other prosthesis.

Oral surgery: Oral surgery may be necessary for a number of reasons. If you have included teeth that need to be removed or if you have jaw problems or bone loss, oral surgery can correct the problem and improve the overall function and appearance of your teeth.


How is the process of complete restoration of the mouth carried out?

In USA, UK and Canada, complete restoration of the mouth generally requires several appointments over several months.

During your initial appointment, the dentist will assess the condition of your mouth to determine exactly the type of procedure you need to repair any damage and improve the health, quality and appearance of your smile.

It will provide you with a personalized action plan to help you achieve the best result. Once the treatment plan has been worked out, your teeth will be repaired and transformed.


The procedure in Colombia is a little different

If you choose dental tourism in Cartagena in Colombia, we must assess your condition based on the information you send us via the Internet by filling out our dental quote. We then send you a diagnosis with the prices of all the necessary treatments including those that may prove necessary (the unforeseen), because often the patient cannot send us the requested dental x-rays.

If dental implants are required, then two trips to Cartagena will be required. If no implant is required, then 7 to 14 days is enough to restore your mouth.

During the first appointment, a full examination is performed to determine if our first diagnosis was found to be correct. An appointment plan is then presented, taking into account your time in Cartagena and your preferences.

At the end of your full mouth restoration, your teeth will be stronger and healthier, and your smile will be even more beautiful than you ever imagined.