Cost of full mouth dental implants in Colombia

Cost full mouth dental implant

Living without your natural teeth is never an easy thing.

Even more difficult with a removable prosthesis for a full jaw.

No matter how good a prosthesis is, it will never be like your original teeth.

If you have received quote for restoring a full jaw with dental implants, you have certainly been shocked by the staggering prices for this medium also called All-On-4

So what is the solution with the best value for money?


The difficulty of knowing the total price of an All-On-4

If you browse the web and phone the dentists, you will find it very difficult to get an exact picture of the total price of an All-On-4. They rarely mention the price of the permanent fixed prosthesis that you have to pay after 3 to 6 months, so after the healing period.

So, you must return after 3 to 6 months to place a permanent fixed prosthesis there, but we offer you a free plane ticket to return to Colombia for the installation of the permanent fixed prosthesis in resin with 12 teeth (Duratone). We set a maximum of 500 US $ for the purchase of the ticket.


Colombia (including airfaire for the second trip) 4500 $ us
Canada 15000 $ us
UK 18000 $ us
USA 20000 $ us


Additional price for permanent fixed prostheses other materials

Materials Canada UK USA Colombie
Metal/porcelain 6000 $ us 7000 $ us 7500 $ us 4000 $ us
Zirconia 9000 $ us 9500 $ us 10000 $ us 4500 $ us

Note: If you opt for a permanent fixed prosthesis in metal / porcelain or zirconia, it is desirable to have 6 implants in order to ensure greater strength, because these materials are much heavier than acrylic / resin.


What does All-On-4 mean?

To understand what an All-On-4 dental implant is, you must first know what an implant is. A dental implant is basically a small screw (usually titanium) inserted into your jaw bone where a tooth is missing. Once the implant is placed, a dentist will attach a dental crown to the screw.

Now multiply this idea by four and you get an All-On-4 dental implant. Instead of using one implant for each missing tooth, you can simply use four implants at the top and four at the bottom as the main anchors. Then your dentist can attach a full denture to these places.

This surgery is done for a single day and usually does not require a dental bone graft.