All-on-4 dental implants cost

All-on-4 and ineffective denture

Are you embarrassed by your removable and often falling dentures?

Do you have trouble speaking and eating properly?

Tired of always removing your dentures to sleep?

You are not alone, many people are like you with an uncomfortable denture on their jaw. However, if you do nothing, you risk sagging your face, you will never have the pleasure of eating what you want and you will continue to be uncomfortable for the rest of your life.

Would you like to live without your removable dentures, take advantage of the heat by the Caribbean Sea, make very significant savings and appreciate the reliability and availability of an experienced dentist? Fortunately, there is a method called the All-on-4 which consists of placing a permanent fixed prosthesis on 4 dental implants.

This effective solution, for many years, has been done in two visits to Cartagena in Colombia. The first allows you to place the implants as well as a temporary prosthesis and the second is done 3 to 6 months later (second airfaire free)to put the permanent fixed prosthesis that looks like real teeth.


Prices in US $

Soins Colombie   Canada USA
All-on-4 * 4500$ 15000$ 20000$
* With Duratone permanent fixed prosthesis and one free airfaire.



Why an All-on-4 in Colombia?

Considering that in Canada, UK or USA, a fixed denture on implants or an All-on-4 costs more than a new automobile, people often turn to a removable denture to replace all their missing teeth in a jaw.

However, this solution is now possible for you by choosing dental tourism in Colombia which offers you interesting benefits and unique advantages for you.


Rates 50 to 75% cheaper

Having low rates doesn’t always mean poor quality. In Colombia, it comes from free school, more dentists, simple management and a low cost of living.


Reliability and availability

Our dentists have over 20 years of experience, they are competent and responsible. You will be surprised at their great availability and their attitude.


One free airfaire

To go to Cartagena de Indias during the first or second trip (max. 500 $ us)


Pleasant stay in Cartagena

Transport for your trips to the dentist, a city tour to know Cartagena and a vacation in the tropics by the Caribbean Sea.


A guide in English

For all your dental appointments in order to understand and communicate effectively at all times.


A SIM card

To put in your mobile phone in order to communicate with us for emergencies and unforeseen events.


Dental plan

A treatment plan in advance in order to plan transportation and dental appointments according to your schedule.