The guarantees applicable for our dental care in Colombia

When you use our dental services in Colombia, you benefit from several guarantees and even service in your country with our partner dentists.


5 year warranty on crowns, bridges and veneers

We will repair or replace at no charge any covered dental treatment that fails due to material or manufacturing defects in accordance with the following provisions:

The types of treatment eligible for this limited 5-year coverage are crowns, bridges and veneers in metal / porcelain, 100% porcelain (ceramic), zirconia and other metal materials.

Permanent acrylic prostheses with Duratone teeth are guaranteed for 3 years.


Lifetime warranty on dental implants

We trust our work and therefore we offer you a lifetime warranty on dental implants. If your dental implant fails, we will replace it for free… for life!

We will replace the dental implant at no additional cost, in cases where there has been no osseointegration. The lifetime warranty is void if the failure is caused by trauma, accident or any other damage caused by the patient or a third party, since the failure is due to a clinical component placed in patients with accepted conditions and contraindicated indicated for successful integration, including, without limitation, illnesses related to alcoholism, uncontrolled diabetes and habitual drug addiction or the implant subject to warranty claims has been used in direct or indirect combination with a component or clinical instrument from another supplier of dental products other than us.


Guarantee of having a partner dentist in your country

We have partner dentists in your country to carry out the necessary repairs which are covered by our guarantees. If something happens, we invite you to first contact us to obtain our authorization and then communicate to our partner dentists in order to make an appointment quickly and at our expense regarding fees and products.


Limitation of applicable warranties

The start of guarantees: They start on the date of treatment.

How to receive covered care: If a covered treatment fails, the patient must inform us of the failure before 14 days according to the applicable guarantee and make an appointment with us. The patient’s failure to notify us in due time of failure is grounds for cancellation of coverage.

What is not covered by the guarantees: The guarantees do not cover the pre-existing conditions of bruxism, aesthetic discoloration, failure of a covered treatment due to the patient’s negligence in complying with his responsibilities, other treatments and medical problems resulting from addiction, medical conditions that damage the oral structures, including the bone support around the implants.

Patient Responsibility: The patient is responsible for routine dental care and good oral and dental hygiene. Lack of routine dental care and proper oral and dental hygiene will void coverage. Smoking, drug use and other abusive habits will also cancel coverage. The patient is responsible for providing proof of routine dental care.

Exclusion: This warranty contract is a complete declaration of our obligations and does not offer any other warranty, written or express. Unless prohibited by applicable law, all implied warranties, including the implied warranties of merchantability and physical fitness, are excluded. The sole compensation of the patient resulting from non-compliance with this limited warranty or any implied warranty will result in damages of an amount not exceeding the total cost of the treatment, i.e. the amount paid to our dental office for treatments received. In no case will we be held responsible for indirect damages, including travel costs.

Other coverage available: We reserve the right to request the patient to submit claims for dental treatment covered under any available insurance program or any other health insurance or accidental protection program before obtaining services under this warranty contract.



Dental Colombia is a website providing information on dental practices in Colombia and cannot be held responsible for the care or treatment received in Colombia. The responsibility lies with the dentist.

All disputes, claims, disputes or controversies arising from any aspect of this contract, its activity, its execution, its liquidation, its interpretation, its validity or its violation, must be settled in good faith by both parties and Dental Colombia makes sure to communicate information between the two parties.