Colombia dental care – A unique and affordable solution

Many people choose to go abroad for their important dental care, because the quality / price ratio remains very advantageous even while enjoying a holiday by the sea!

However, there are some important things that these dentists forget or ignore about you…

  • It is frustrating not being able to communicate effectively in another language.
  • It is disturbing to be in a country with different customs and habits from yours.
  • It is stressful not being able to call someone in case of emergencies or unexpected circumstances.
  • It is worrying to see professionals without a working plan and who improvise like beginner dentists.


Here’s what unique and different for you in Cartagena, Colombia:



Even more benefits for you!











Dental cares Colombia   Canada USA
Zirconia crown 350 $ 1700 $ 2000 $
Bridge 3 units in metal/porcelain 825 $  3300 $ 3600 $
Veneer 100% in porcelain 225 $ 1100 $ 1200 $
Implant, abutment and crown (PFM) 1300 $  3200 $ 3600 $
All-on-4 * 4500 $ 15000 $ 20000 $
Teeth whitening 200 $ 600 $ 650 $
* With permanent Duratone fixed prosthesis and a free plane ticket for the 2nd trip.



What are the guarantees for dental treatment? We offer a 5 year warranty on dental crowns, bridges and veneers as well as a lifetime warranty on dental implants.

How is the quality of dental care in Colombia? Colombia is ranked 22nd in the world in health care and hygiene by the World Health Organization and has one of the biggest reputations in beauty care.

Are there many people who use dental tourism? Today, more than 100,000 people in North America go out of their country every year for their important dental care.

How much could the stay in Cartagena cost? The price of the plane ticket is around 350 US$ and that of accommodation between 250 US$ and 350 US$ for a week in double occupancy and including breakfasts.

Is Cartagena a safe city? Listed as UNESCO World Heritage, Cartagena is the safest city in Colombia and has nice beaches, an impressive wall and fortresses, incredible colonial architecture, a spectacular historic center as well as islands with turquoise waters nearby.

Why does Colombia have a bad reputation? If you have any doubts about going to Colombia, I understand you with all this propaganda coming from people who have never beenn there. I lived 5 years in Cartagena and every year in January / February, my wife and I go to Cartagena to see the family and people who want dental care during this period.