Dental cares in Colombia

Many people go to Colombia for dental treatment because the country has a world class health system, easy access, competent professionals and very affordable prices.

Here is the list of our dental services as well as our 50 to 75% cheaper rates.



Dental crown abroad

If you have broken or damaged teeth, then dental crowns are a great choice. Advances in dental research have enabled laboratories to create crowns that look and work like natural teeth and give you unique shape, strength and functionality. Dental crown



Dental bridge in Colombia

A dental bridge is used to fill one or more missing teeth. If you have a few missing teeth that make you uncomfortable or make it difficult to eat, a dental bridge will correct these gaps and give you a good reason to smile again. Dental bridge



Dental Implant in Colombia

Dental implants are a safe and durable option to replace missing teeth. They are very popular because they look like natural teeth and offer great stability. Once the dental implants are in your mouth, they can be maintained and cleaned like normal teeth. Dental implant



All-on-4 in Colombia

If you have received a quote for restoring a full jaw with dental implants, you have certainly been shocked by the staggering prices for this method also called « All-On-4 ». All-on-4



Dental veneer in Colombia

Dental veneers is an effective way to create a beautiful, permanent smile. Having porcelain dental veneers is one of the most popular and recognized dental treatments that can change the shape and appearance of your front teeth to keep them permanently white. Dental veneer



Dentures are one of the most affordable solutions to replace missing teeth. Dentures are removable full or partial that can replace one or more missing teeth and restore your smile and your ability to eat certain foods. Dental prosthesis



Root canal treatment in Colombia

Root canal treatment is performed to treat a damaged or sick tooth. During root canal treatment, the dentist removes damaged or diseased tissue inside a tooth in the pulp area, thereby relieving pain and discomfort in order to restore the health of the tooth. Root canal treatment



Teeth whitening in Colombia

If you don’t like the color of your teeth, teeth whitening is a quick and affordable way. Have teeth whitening and one of the most in demand and fastest dental aesthetic treatments to create a vibrant appearance to your teeth without having to undergo elusive dental treatments. Teeth whitening



Restore your smile cheap price

It’s sad to hear people say they don’t like their smile and cover their teeth when they smile. For most people, the most common reasons for rebuilding the smile are yellow teeth, chipped or missing teeth, incorrect bite, or short teeth. Restore your smile



Rebuild your teeth

Oral reconstruction concerns all teeth, so each person is unique and depends on their situation. A complete teeth restoration is a dental procedure that repairs several dental problems and not only improves the appearance, but also repairs your oral health. Restore your teeth



Additional dental cares

Some additional dental care may be required during treatment. Unforeseen events can always happen, but when you know the possible care and the costs of advance, then you avoid having unpleasant surprises after accepting and starting a diagnosis. Other dental cares