Dental implant cost in Cartagena Colombia

Before choosing Colombia for your dental implants, you have consulted a dentist in your country who has carried out an examination as well as a  dental history, including the medicines you are taking, as they could affect your surgery or your healing process.

He examined your mouth to make sure you had no dental health issues to deal with before your implants were placed and thoroughly evaluated to determine if you have any contraindications or risk factors.

Then, he gave you the diagnosis or the dental estimate that made your hair stand on end!

The best possible option for your dental health and aesthetics would be to replace each missing tooth with a dental implant, as they are the closest thing to restoring a natural tooth. However, this solution is not always realistic, because implants and crowns can be very expensive, which puts them out of reach for many people.


Dental Implant in Colombia


Fortunately, it is quite possible to place dental implants and crowns at very affordable prices as well as high quality care while enjoying pleasant trips to Colombia.

Prices in US $

Dental implants  Colombia Canada USA
Implant only (without crown) 950 $ 2100 $ 2400 $
Implant with metal/porcelain crown 1300 $  3200 $ 3600 $
Implant with zirconia crown 1400 $ 3800 $ 4400 $


Dental implants are generally more expensive than more traditional solutions such as dental bridges. However, if additional procedures such as dental bone grafts, tooth extractions and sinus lifting are required, the price can easily increase up to 10,000 US $. However, in Colombia these additional costs increase up to 3,000 US $.

Remember that it is required to have a 3D cone beam X-ray before making a dental implant to allow the dentist to know where to place the implant as well as to determine if you have enough bone and space for the implant.

If you have to replace all of your teeth, there is a procedure called All-On-4 which involves putting 4 dental implants for the full jaw and attaching a temporary acrylic prosthesis to it. All of this is done in one day. However, there is an additional cost for the permanent fixed prosthesis (3 to 6 months later) depending on the material chosen.

Prices in US $

Additional costs  Colombia Canada USA
Tomography (3D X-ray) 150 $ 250 $ 250 $
Bone graft (0,5 gr) 375 $  700 $ 800 $
Sinus lift (one side) 750 $ 1500 $ 1500 $
Sinus lift (two sides) 1000 $ 2000 $ 2000 $
Tooth extraction (premolar) 50 $ 250 $ 300 $


What influences the price of dental implants

The costs of the procedure depend on several factors, including:

  • Manufacturer’s brand, material and type of implant, abutment and crown
  • Number of teeth to be replaced
  • Number of implants required to support replacement teeth
  • Where you live (some cities are often more expensive)
  • Experience, specialty and popularity of the dentist / surgeon
  • How many professionals are involved in your case
  • Complexity of surgery
  • Initial procedures such as x-ray and scanner
  • Additional procedures (if necessary) such as sinus elevation and bone grafting



What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root. It is inserted into the jaw to hold artificial teeth in place, either permanently or temporarily. It is generally made from titanium, biocompatible with the jaw bone. Implants are a practical alternative to dentures and should never be removed. They are better than traditional dental bridges and crowns.

Once mounted on implants, the artificial teeth do not move or slide into the mouth, which can make conversation and eating easier. It also avoids other common problems such as gagging, misalignment and painful spots.

The implant consists of 3 elements:

  1. The implant
  2. The pillar or abutment
  3. The crown or the bridge


Dental implant structure


The benefits of a dental implant:

  • Permanent and durable
  • Natural and comfortable shape
  • Works and looks like an original tooth
  • May be more profitable over several years
  • Requires less maintenance
  • No modification of adjacent teeth required
  • Prevents bone loss and displacement of existing teeth
  • 95% success rate


Dental implant procedures and process steps

If you are not sufficiently informed about the progress regarding the process of dental implant, then you are going blind and may have unfortunate unexpected events. Our guide to dental implant placement in Colombia provides you with all the steps in the process and helps you avoid unpleasant surprises.


Dental implant jaw pain

The procedure itself is not painful, as it is performed with local or general anesthesia (intravenously or by inhalation) in order to completely numb the mouth.

However, as with any invasive surgery, bruising, swelling, bleeding and minor pain are to be expected during the healing process. The procedure usually involves removing the teeth, cutting gums, piercing the jaw and inserting an implant.

That said, patients are often surprised at how much less pain they feel than they expected and say the pain is much the same as it felt after pulling out a tooth or root canal treatment.


What are the risks of a dental implant?

As with any other surgical procedure, various internal and external factors are at the origin of complications, even the total failure of a treatment. Dental implants are no exception. Designed to permanently replace missing teeth and are a popular alternative to removable dentures or fixed dental bridges.

They anchor the artificial teeth directly in the jaw bone, making it a more functional and aesthetic restoration. That said, they are also much more expensive and take longer to recover and recover.