Colombia dental crowns

Cracked or broken teeth can cause functional and cosmetic problems, and one of the best solutions to repair your teeth is with a dental crown. The crown can restore the size, shape and strength of a tooth, improve the appearance of a smile, relieve pain, prevent further damage, and improve functionality by properly aligning the jaw joints.


Couronne dentaire


Price is often the most important factor in your decision when the quality and professional skills are similar and Colombia is the ideal place for your dental crowns.

Prices in US $

Dental crowns  Colombia Canada USA
Metal/porcelain (PFM) crown 275 $ 1100 $ 1200 $
100 % porcelain (ceramic) crown 300 $  1300 $ 1500 $
Zirconia crown 350 $ 1700 $ 2000 $


What influences the price of dental crowns

The costs of the procedure depend on several factors, including:

  • Local rates (geographic location)
  • Type of material and the company that manufactured the crown
  • Experience and training of the dentist
  • Size, location and condition of the original tooth
  • Additional care such as root canal treatments, bone grafts or implants
  • All additional costs such as x-rays, consultations and cleaning



What is a dental crown?

A crown is a tooth-shaped dental restoration that is used to completely cover a damaged tooth or dental implant. Dental crowns can be made from various materials and are permanently bonded to their foundation with dental cement, thus avoiding the extraction of teeth, bridges, partials or prostheses. They cannot be used for a complete restoration of the mouth.

They are commonly used for:

  • Protect a tooth weakened by wear
  • Protect additional damage from a decayed tooth
  • Holding a fractured or broken tooth together
  • Cover a large filling that affects half or more of the tooth
  • Support a dental bridge
  • Restore a tooth after root canal treatment to avoid fracture
  • Hide heavily discolored or poorly formed teeth when veneers fail
  • Complete a dental implant procedure
  • Relieve pain experienced as a result of cracked tooth syndrome


Types of material for dental crowns

The types available are differentiated by the materials used to make them, each with its own characteristics and advantages.

Each of the material types has its own advantages and disadvantages, and thus have its own set of the most suitable applications.

What type of dental crown is the best choice for you?


The dental crown installation

Generally, it takes two appointments to prepare and place a dental crown according to several stages concerning the procedure of the installation:

  • Preparation of the tooth
  • Impression taking
  • The provisional crown
  • Permanent crown cementation.


How long do dental crowns last?

You can expect a dental crown to last ten to twenty years. A period of less than ten years would probably be a disappointment for you and probably a great hope if the crown lasts more than twenty years.

The longevity of a dental crown depends on:

  1. Its exposure to stresses and wear (chewing and biting forces, trauma, gnashing of teeth)
  2. Your personal care to avoid dental plaque and thus last indefinitely