Dental ceramic crown (100% porcelain)

Dental ceramic crown

Are you allergic to metal?

Are you looking for dental crowns that look like your natural teeth?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of dental ceramic crowns in Colombia, therefore 100% porcelain?


Translucency and aesthetics of ceramic dental crowns

Ceramic dental crowns are ideal for restoring front teeth (anterior teeth) because they are translucent and look very much like your natural teeth.

All porcelain crowns are considered the most beautiful crowns and porcelain is a kind of ceramic made by firing and stacking, and a ceramic crown is a crown 100% porcelain, therefore without metal.

Pure porcelain is the only crown that gives the desired translucent appearance to the tooth. They are translucent in color and generally their color is influenced by the tooth beneath them.

Our natural teeth are translucent in color and these crowns are the only ones with such translucency, but are not as strong as metal and porcelain crowns (PFM).


How much do 100% porcelain crowns cost?

100% porcelain crowns are more expensive than PFM crowns. However, their natural appearance and durability make up for the higher price.

Although the prices of dental crowns depend on many factors, here is a price list of dental crowns 100% porcelain, therefore ceramic.


Colombia 300 $ us
Canada 1300 $ us
UK 1500 $ us
USA 1500 $ us


The advantages of ceramic crowns

  • Transparent and aesthetically attractive
  • No allergic reaction and reduced sensitivity
  • Easier alignment and shape correction
  • Ideal for people who have little space in the mouth

The disadvantages of ceramic crowns

  • Preparation time can be long and more complicated
  • More expensive price
  • Less durable than other types of crown
  • More vulnerable to breakage and cracking

How to save on ceramic crowns?

The prices for PFM dental crowns are already quite high, so imagine 100% porcelain crowns.

If you need one or more 100% porcelain ceramic crowns, you can save 50 to 75% by coming to Cartagena in Colombia, which is a country renowned for offering dental care of equal or higher quality to your country.

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