Zirconia dental crown – What are the advantages?

Zirconia dental crown

One of the most important and recommended types of dental crowns in recent years is zirconia.

If you want very aesthetic artificial teeth, the choice of zirconia crowns is probably the one that suits you for dental tourism in Colombia.

Indeed, our prices are 3 times cheaper than in Canada or USA.


Colombie 350 $ us
Canada 1700 $ us
USA 2000 $ us
Mexico 700 $ us


Zirconia crowns are made of zirconium oxide. Its a white powdered metal that can be radiopaque to X-rays. In addition, the color of the tooth is whiter than other dental crown options.

Here are some of the important advantages of zirconia crowns and what sets them apart from other traditional ones.


1. Superior aesthetic appearance

Zirconia crowns are known to give crowns an absolutely natural appearance, making them the favorite in dental aesthetics. Often it is difficult to see the difference between zirconium crowns and natural teeth.

It is strongly recommended to glue the zirconia crowns on the teeth to give a more natural look and to match well with the adjacent teeth. Often, when crowns are made of metal, they tend to blacken near the gum.


2. Extraordinarily resistant

The zirconia crown is very solid, it can resist wear. It does not flake, unlike porcelain. If you take good care of it, it can stay in place forever. The various liquids and foods consumed over the years cause corrosion of dental crowns. Zirconia crowns do not undergo corrosion, unlike most other types of dental crowns.

It is at least five times more resistant than porcelain or fused metal porcelain (PFM). Zirconia crowns also tolerate chewing or biting forces.


3. Profitability and long life

In the long run, zirconia crowns cost less than ordinary crowns, including porcelain crowns. The benefits of zirconia crowns encourage patients to choose zirconia crowns over others.

The service life of zirconia crowns is similar to regular crowns. They are known for providing the best service and, when properly maintained, last longer.


4. 100% compatible with mouth tissue

The tissues of the mouth more easily accept dental zirconia crowns. In addition, they begin to merge well within a few days of treatment.


5. Less labor

The latest dental technologies can be successfully used in the installation of zirconia crowns. The best part is that a lot of natural teeth are preserved, which saves a lot of time in the procedure. Only the dentist must carry out a minimum of preparation to be able to adjust the zirconia crowns on the respective teeth.


6. Latest technology

These crowns are manufactured using advanced CAD-CAM (Computer Aided Design) technology.

Thus, zirconia crowns have a great advantage for people who wish to obtain permanent aesthetic solutions for their damaged teeth. One of the best treatment options in modern times is zirconia crowns.


Some factors to consider

You can save 75% on the costs of dental crowns if you go to Colombia to receive treatment, because dentists have lower profit margins in purchasing zirconia crowns and less expenses compared to dentists in Canada or USA.

The aesthetic results of a zirconia crown should be the main advantage that it can offer you and for this it is important that your dental crowns have a natural appearance, especially those that are placed on the front teeth.