What are the obstacles to dental tourism in Colombia?

Obstacles dentla tourism in Colombia

You have found that the prices for your dental care in Colombia are very favorable!

Despite your doubts and concerns about dental tourism in Colombia, you have observed by reading facts and experience, it has brought you a certain feeling of comfort, a certain well-being!

Then, you assessed your risks about dental care in Colombia to what mattered most to you and realized that these risks were decreasing with credible facts, that it brought you a peaceful calm in your mind.

But nothing has been decided yet, because powerful obstacles can prevent you from achieving your desire, because if you choose dental tourism in Colombia, some creators of imaginary obstacles could lose something essential …

Fortunately you have an open mind, because this time, I bring to you points of view and facts to free your mind from this hateful and unfounded propaganda in order to have a certain lucidity, a great clarity, a conscience news regarding your assessment process for your dental care in Colombia.


What is an obstacle?

An obstacle is something that could prevent you from continuing your journey towards your final destination or desire. This obstacle can be natural or unnatural.

You may have the desire to want to play golf tomorrow, but if it does rain, then that’s a natural obstacle. On the other hand, if your wife knows that you want to go play golf tomorrow and forces you or tries to convince you to do something else tomorrow, then this is an unnatural obstacle.

In truth, unnatural obstacles come from people who have vested interests in you not pursuing your final desire by making you believe that there is something better for you, but in fact it is only their interest which matters to them. They react with cunning, fear or judgment, without realizing it, because they are afraid of losing something from you.

They want your money, for example, in a dental tourism situation.

They need you, they depend on you and they try to make you believe exactly the opposite!

It is the teaching of competition, from a very young age, which pushes us to fight, to destroy our neighbor, to lower it, to harm it, to make false propaganda in order to reach our purposes. This creates divisions and conflicts.

The question I ask myself to know the creators of imaginary obstacles is: Who is afraid of losing something essential?


Who are these imaginary obstacle creators who are afraid of losing money?

There are good and bad dentists all over the world. Everybody knows that.

But to find the creators of imaginary obstacles, it is enough to look for who could lose something essential if many people chose dental tourism in Colombia or elsewhere.

Obviously, these are our local dentists!

Do dentists in Canada, UK and the United States hide behind professional associations and certain institutions in order to be able to continue to offer exorbitant prices and extremely high profit margins, especially in materials used such as implant, crowns, prostheses, etc.)?

Are these institutions and associations inventing unfounded things in order to scare people who want to go to another country for their dental care? To make them think it is not good for them and feel guilty if they try to go? Do they not make false propaganda to manipulate people and thus keep them as paying customers? Don’t they forcefully speak of a unique problematic case in dental tourism and forget or avoid talking about the thousands of problematic cases in their country?

Here is a list of facts and views regarding some imaginary hurdles to consider in your assessment when choosing dental care in Colombia or elsewhere:


Fact 1: Make the patient believe that dentists elsewhere are only concerned with their money. However, who offer excessive and extremely high prices? Who is really only interested in money? Dentists in Colombia are not afraid of losing money if their patients want to go to Canada or USA for treatment. They do not need to create barriers, because the facts show that costs are 4 times more expensive, that they have to pay a very expensive stay and that many complaints are available on online discussion forums.

Fact 2: Affirm that costs are not a criterion of choice. This is one of the greatest ignorances and unconsciousness of people who care only about their money and not about the patients. In truth, cost is the primary criteria for choosing people seeking dental care abroad.

Fact 3: Write that dental care abroad is not reliable, that the quality standards are less rigorous and that, without really bringing the facts, without really reading the dormice or the rules in the countries concerned. They also claim that the testimonies, so people’s real experiences are not credible, are bad publicity. Also, they warn not to trust what is written on dental tourism websites, but forget to say the same about their website which has no facts or links to credible sites to support their explanations!

Fact 4: Most associations claim that dental tourism is not without risk and that patients should do extensive research to ensure that risks are minimized. Why don’t these sites do this research? Why do these sites have no facts about what they are reporting? Is it possible that the quality of care abroad is equivalent or better than in our countries that claim to be developed? However, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), Colombia ranks 22nd in the world in terms of health system!

Fact 5: Have dentists, associations and institutions visited Colombia or other countries recently to find out what’s really going on? Why claim that there are many claims and botched treatments regarding dental tourism, but without taking care to put truthful evidence, links or testimonials on their web page?


In summary

All this bad press without authentic facts is simply a false propaganda of dentists, associations and institutions concerning their fear of losing share market, therefore of the financial interests acquired for a long time, by manipulating people that they are the best and the only those who can treat them!