How to make a good evaluation of dental care in Colombia?

Colombia dental evaluation

When you have to go to Colombia for dental care, some concerns can cross your mind.

When a considerable sum of money must be invested, certain risks must be taken into account.

When people warn you about dental tourism, certain obstacles could put a brake on your dream.

Thus, it is not easy to evaluate a proposal for dental care in Colombia or elsewhere and in our opinion, this is the most important step in your process.

This step consists of evaluating our diagnosis of dental care in order to fully understand our proposal, taking into account your concerns, risks and obstacles before you can accept or reject it definitively.

Can we see together, in a deep and not superficial way, what is an assessment based on truths and facts in order to make the best decision for you?


The invisible facts compared to the visible facts in the evaluation

Our mind has been conditioned to forget our feelings in decision making and thus give blind confidence to those with authority and who say not to trust your feelings, but their words which always contain a form of fear, guilt and cunning to get their way. We never ask ourselves the question what are the hidden intentions of these people to say that!

In other words, observe your truths (your feelings good or bad) in relation to the facts in assessing a decision to be made. People often have difficulty making the best decision for them because they are not aware that the best decision for them is simply the one that is true for them.

If you feel good, then it’s true for you. If you feel bad, then this is wrong for you. However, it is our mind that chooses, and it often does so by forgetting or ignoring our feelings of being and our intentions to be in relation to the visible facts. Therefore, we produce results that are not in line with our true interests.


The 3 essential factors in your evaluation process

Three elements should be considered in your evaluation regarding our dental care proposal in Colombia and thus arrive at making the best decision for you.

These three factors are knowing:

  1. Concerns and safety about dental tourism in Colombia
  2. Risks about tourism treatment in Colombia
  3. Obstacles to dental tourism in Colombia

We strongly encourage you to read in detail these three factors which contain valuable information and facts that you will not find on any dentist site.