Dentist in Colombia : A different and pleasant relationship

Dentist in Colombia

In March 2019, a person, named Stéphanie, flew to Cartagena de Indias in Colombia for 10 days to receive treatment and thus save 50 to 75% on dental care compared to the rates in Canada and USA.

She paid 3,500 US $ instead of 10,500 US $ for dental crowns, dental bridges, dental boundings and all other complementary care.

When the job was done, his first reaction was the quality of the care and above all, the human way of being treated by our dentist William.

Never in her life has she lived or even heard of a dentist inviting her patient to eat at the restaurant and to eat at his mother’s home!


Taking care of people before taking care of your teeth!


Dentists in Colombia are differents as dentists in Canada and USA

It’s hard to imagine that a healthcare professional could have the time to have a meal with their patients in order to get to know each other better and share pleasant moments together.

After the first treatments, William invited her to the restaurant and Stéphanie was very surprised by this decision. She contacted me to tell me how she felt and happy to share a meal with « her » dentist.

Then, after the second day of treatment, William invited her to eat with his mother, who is also my mother-in-law, because I am married to William’s sister. Stéphanie found this incredible action so nice. Going to eat with a family in Colombia even if Spanish was a difficult language for them is a rather uncomfortable situation.

In addition, William made sure to accompany her to the home of a friend, Marta, where she lived after each day of treatment.

Finally, Stéphanie told me how she cried for sadness when she left Colombia for Canada.


Good relationships create value and wealth

Maybe we are too concerned about money believing that time is money?

Perhaps we are oblivious to our selfishness and thus use the excuse of time so as not to be interested in people, but only in what people bring to us, such as money?

Perhaps we are mistaken as the real reason to be of relationships?

Maybe we are conditioned to focus on « doing » and not « being »?

I understand that not all dentists in Colombia would have acted the same way as William, but I know one thing, no dentist in Canada or USA would have behaved this way.

What is most important is to choose kind behaviors with patients and thus put importance on the human being and not the money to be made?

If I feel good in a business relationship (where there is an exchange of products / services for money), regardless of the country, do I want to pay without looking elsewhere?


Being a developed country does not mean being an advanced country

If someone, born 2000 years ago, came into our world today, he would see all of these technological developments with planes, computers, automobiles, medical tools, smartphones and other useful inventions. It looks like we are very developed!

He would also see that despite 2,000 years of history, there are still murders, class divisions, social injustices, violence, starving children, people dying of thirst or lack of care. Does it look like we are evolved?

We like to say that we live in a developed country, but developed doesn’t mean evolved, does it?

We like to say that some countries are underdeveloped and thus believe us superior with our technological developments, but that does not mean an evolution concerning the way of treating each other.

However, we have all been educated in believing that the purpose of relationships is to get something from others, not to be kind with others, so without others we would not be able to experience it.

In fact, the real evolution is done in a conscious way by choosing behaviors, ways of being which bring good to the other and to oneself.

William behaves intelligently in dealing with people seeking dental care in Colombia and is aware that what matters first is creating well-being before, during and after dental care.

Take care of people before taking care of your teeth!


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