How much is dental work in Colombia ?

Dental work in Colombia

What is the most exciting thing that you have spent money on?

Was it a vacation? A house ? A new car ? New furniture?

Did it bring you pride, joy in making the payment?

Spending money can sometimes be very pleasant, but in some situations it can be very painful.

These situations are boring and unavoidable expenses of life that bring no joy but a sense of obligation and fear like car repairs, house maintenance and service bills.

And yet, these costs do not compare with those of dental care which are astronomical and can destroy a budget for many months or even for a few years.

The good news is you can reduce your dental costs by 75% by going on vacation to Cartagena de Indias in Colombia.


The cost of dental care is still on the rise

Just thinking about the dentist can cause a lot of sweating and tremors, as it seems the costs are still exorbitant, even if you have insurance to ease the burden.

While this can create a problem for everyone, it can be especially more difficult for the elderly, because as we age, we often have a pressing need for more dental care such as dentures, dental crowns, bridges or dental implants.

Even in the absence of large dental care expenses, it is still a good idea for seniors to have an annual check-up and cleaning to avoid serious dental health problems.

And to add to the difficulties, most seniors in Canada, USAand UK have a fixed income, which makes it even more difficult to manage the rising costs of dental care.


What is most painful is the price of dentists

In our developed countries, the most requested dental procedures are dental crowns, root canals, full dentures and dental implants.

The average cost of these procedures is 1,600 US $ for a dental crown, 700 US $ for root canal treatment,  1,500 US $ for a full denture (top or bottom) and 3,500 US $ for a dental implant with PFM crown.

In addition, the average cost for additional procedures is 100 US $ for an examination, 150 US $ for cleaning, 100 US $ for a panoramic X-ray, 300 US $ for a filling, 600 US $ for dental whitening and 250 US $ for an extraction.

The reason why these costs are so high has very little to do with the actual quality or costs of the procedures.

Instead, these costs are based on the astronomical overhead of running a dental office. A small dental office serving approximately 1,500 patients per year costs 600,000 US $ at start-up and 300,000 US $ per year.

Next, we must add the dentist’s average annual salary of more than 150,000 US $, the dental assistants, receptionists and hygienists, as well as the construction, renovation and advanced furnishing costs.

It’s easy to understand why dentists charge so much for their procedures, but you don’t have to follow the parade because there is another option.


Dental care in Colombia

In Colombia, the government subsidizes the cost of dental schools. Thus, new dentists graduate without any loans and without having to repay these loans. New dentists therefore have much lower salaries.

The cost of living in Colombia is significantly lower than Canada, USA and UK.

Lower construction, furnishings, staff and material costs are also helping to reduce operating costs for a dental office in Colombia. All of these cost savings are collected or passed on to dental patients in Colombia.

This translates into extremely low costs according to the following table.


Prices in US $

Examination Free 100 $ 100 $
X ray panoramic 50 $ 100 $ 100 $
Cleaning 50 $  75 $ 100 $
Filling (molar) 100 $ 300 $ 400 $
Root canal (molar) 150 $  800 $ 1200 $
Teeth whitening 200 $ 600 $ 650 $
Extraction (molar) 75 $ 350 $ 400 $
Dental crown in zirconia 350 $ 1700 $ 2000 $
Full mouth prosthesis 550 $ 1500 $ 2000 $
Dental implant with crown PFM 1300 $ 3200 $ 3600 $


If you don’t have insurance, the cost savings are astronomical! But even with insurance, the cost savings can reach several thousand dollars. Contact us or fill out our dental quote to receive a free estimate.

In addition, Cartagena de Indias is a magnificent place to spend an unforgettable vacation by the Caribbean Sea.