Dental vacations in Cartagena, Colombia

Dental vacation Colombia

Are you, like many people, looking for the warmth of the south to escape our long and harsh winters?

Have you been in need of dental care for a long time, but you are hesitating, because the prices are so high?

Do you know that you can save thousands of dollars in dental care while combining a trip to Cartagena in Colombia?

So before you book your trip to the south, here is two good news for you!


1. Save 50 to 75% to your dental care

I lived more than 5 years in Cartagena de Indias and during these years, my brother-in-law William, who his dentist since twenty years, made me two dental bridges of 3 and 4 teeth in 2010.

I paid 700 $ us (100 $ the tooth or the crown) believing that it made me a « family »price, but in fact the price was something normal in Colombia. In Canada, I would have paid more than 9,000 US $.

Today, my bridges are still in good quality even if I was skeptical in 2010. My doubts came from my conditioning to believe that the dentists of my country were the best in the world and those from a developed countries the worst in the world with bad reputation.

I now understand that this was a strategy to scare me from the dentists in my country who did not want to lose money by speaking of « questionable quality abroad » and thus mislead my dental evaluation.

Consequently, I saved more than 75% on my dental treatments, i.e. 8,300 US $…

2. VIP treatment in Cartagena de Indias in Colombia

In March 2019, someone from Canada contacted me, because she had received a dental diagnosis which amounted to 10,500 $ for 8 crowns in metal and porcelain, two dental veneers in composite or resin and tooth whitening.

I contacted my brother-in-law William for a diagnosis according to the images sent and his price was 3700 US $. That represented 65% savings or 6,800 US $ in her pockets.

My friend accepted the diagnosis and we then discussed her coming to Cartagena for 10 days and having dental treatment for 7 days. She stayed with a friend of mine who owns a house in a very safe area by the sea.

Since I have a tour and transport business with an associate named Oscar, he took care of transporting my friend privately to her dentist appointments and thus always being accompanied.

I don’t know how many times she told me how happy it felt to be like a family, to have dinner with her dentist, to go out at night to visit the beautiful city of Cartagena, to go to beautiful beaches and eat delicious meals.

She returned to Canada with a wonderful impression of Cartagena as well as dental treatments done professionally and above all, in a human way. She also told me that she cried when she left Cartagena…

An unforgettable and special VIP treatment for 500 US $ including accommodation, breakfasts, dinners, all transportation and support at all times.

Small or big dental treatments!

Whether you only have a crown or a bridge to make, you will save enough money to pay for your trip to Cartagena. We invite you to read the dental rates so that you can compare them with those in your country.

You have the choice ; Stay in the cold and snow while paying exorbitant rates for your dental care or goto a warm on the sand while saving thousands of dollars for your dental care…