How safe is dental tourism in Colombia?

How safe is dental tourism in Colombia

Going to Colombia or any other country to receive dental treatment is an experience that could be very uncomfortable and worrying.

I know something about it because I am Canadian and in 2010 I had dental care in Colombia, two bridges of 3 and 4 crowns.

In fact, before receiving my dental treatments, I had concerns and doubts, but it was a good thing not to give blind confidence to others, regardless of their level of knowledge, experience and country including Canada and USA.

My personal experiences have made me act by looking for facts about dental care, safety in Colombia and thus be able to share them, understand your concerns and offer you some comfort if you want to go to Colombia for your dental treatments.

Here is a list of concerns that I have experienced and that could cross your mind as well as the facts to dispel doubts in the evaluation of the diagnosis of dental care in Colombia.


Are dental prices true?

You accepted the prices of our dental care in Colombia according to your feelings, your truths, but you may have in mind that this is too good to be true! That there is an eel under the rock!

The facts: The prices that are on our website are based on honesty through transparency. In our prices, I have included an additional cost of 10% for the long work of creating the website as well as the time that I will use to communicate with people.

The facts: By visiting many dentist websites in Canada, UK and USA, I have observed that most of them have no prices displayed. Why this lack of honesty? Why hide prices? Why waste a lot of time filling out forms, then having to pay to go to the dentists to pass an exam in order to receive quotes with very high rates? I understood where the real eel was!

The facts: When I had my 2 bridges of 7 metal / porcelain crowns in Cartagena, it cost me $ 700 us. In Canada I would have paid 7700 $ us and in USA 8400 $ us. Too good to be true ! All of a sudden this is true!


Can unforeseen dental situations arise?

It is never pleasant to have bad surprises, to have to pay more for dental care, once you reach your destination, because this kind of procedure is really unhealthy in trying to take advantage of the situation of people who cannot reverse. However, it is likely that we cannot detect everything in our diagnosis via the Internet, because our dentist in Colombia is not present with the patient. Obviously, during the first consultation or examination (free) in Cartagena, we validate our diagnosis.

The facts: Receiving an incomplete quote or diagnosis is not desirable. Our estimate informs you among other things about the dental procedures for each treatment, the materials of the prostheses, the brand of the implants, the costs, the duration of the treatment in days, a second visit if necessary, the possible unforeseen events and their costs, the amount to set and contact details.

The facts: The problem is not the unexpected, but to hide the possible costs of these unforeseen events and force the patient to pay exaggerated or excessive costs, because the prices were not known in advance. At the bottom of our dental estimate concerning the diagnosis and the prices of dental care, we have planned to insert at the bottom, the unforeseen possibilities given the x-rays and images received from you. In addition, you know in advance all our prices for additional dental care on our website.

The facts: Many times during my dental care in Canada, there have been unpredictable costs from my dentist without knowing these costs in advance. And they were still way too expensive. Why were the costs not displayed at my dentist? Why had he never explained to me that there could be unforeseen events? No, I didn’t like these unpleasant surprises when I visited my dentist in Canada.

The facts: It is almost certain that you have already received a diagnosis for dental care in your country, so in the case of an implant, we can take this diagnosis from a dentist in your country as evidence and avoid unpredictable costs for bone grafting or other surgeries.


Why is it difficult to find information for dental care in Colombia?

There is a lot to develop on the Internet in order to make dentists in Colombia known outside the country. This lack of awareness regarding visibility is a great opportunity for those who create websites.

The facts: There are very few dentist websites in Colombia and little in English. Our website is unique and is designed in English to provide you with as much information as possible about prices, patient views, methods, materials, decision-making procedures, organization of the stay in Cartagena, questions to ask yourself and useful articles.

The facts: I have analyzed many websites in Canada, UK and USA concerning dental care and very few are designed according to the patients, their situation, their interests, and thus highlight the techniques and their knowledge in this area, instead of helping visitors make the best decision for them. The lack of transparency in prices to hide exorbitant prices is, in my opinion, the biggest mistake in relations with their potential customers.


Can communication be done in Englsih?

You have received our dental quote in English and would like to know more about our proposal. However, you have concerns if all communication and the flow of the process could be done in English.

The facts: Having lived more than 5 years in Colombia and being married to a woman from Cartagena, I communicate easily in Spanish to translate into Englsih and also in French, what you would like to know about the whole dental process as well as tourism in Colombia.

The facts: Our dentists don’t speak a good Englsih. However, I am available 24 hours a day to be in direct communication with them and with you by means of Facebook and WhatsApp, because I work in front of my computer more than 12 hours a day as a writer, web designer and I have a business in Cartagena in the area of ​​tours and transport.

The facts: Today, people who speak different languages ​​can even speak to each other using the Google Traductor app that instantly translates our voice. You speak English on your phone and your phone does the voice translation into Spanish.


Will I feel alone and safe in Colombia?

Coming to Colombia on your own could make you feel lonely and make your stay uncomfortable or unpleasant. In addition, Colombia is a country quite different from ours, but certainly not a country without interest. Security in Colombia could also be a big concern on your mind.

The facts: If you come alone to Cartagena to receive dental care, we will offer you, if you wish, a person who will accompany you on your trips to get to and from our dental office. In addition, she could welcome you in her Bed & Breakfast, teach you a little Spanish, take advantage of your free time to learn about traditions and customs as well as visit Cartagena. Most of the time, I will travel with all our customers.

The facts: If you come with other people, we offer you, if you want it, the private transport in full safety to go and return from our dental office. In addition, you will have privileged access to discover the many tours and excursions in Cartagena.

The facts: In terms of security, know that Cartagena is one of the safest cities in Colombia.

The facts: I no longer remember the number of times I received warnings about the insecurity and the danger of going to Colombia. Today, when someone tells me this, I ask what happened to him on his last trip to Colombia! Obviously, he replied that someone had said that to him, seen on the Internet or on television. So I answer him, why didn’t he ask the same question I asked him at the moment?

Today in 2020, my two dental bridges are still in good condition and I have never had a problem. However, to continue your assessment, you should be aware of the possible risks to dental tourism in Colombia.