What is the best countries for dental tourism ?

Best tourism dental contrtry

As we age, often dental reconstruction or restoration treatments are required and can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Thus, saving money is the main motivation for people to seek dental care outside of their home country.

However, you don’t have to sacrifice quality dental care to save money.

Oddly enough, those who denigrate the quality of dental care abroad are almost always the associations of dentists who desperately seek to scare people in order to be able to keep these precious paying customers.

No matter which dental treatment you need, there are countries where the quality of care is excellent while saving significant costs.


The phenomenal growth of dental tourism

In recent years, dental tourism has grown into a large and well-established business, with reliable clinics and licensed dentists worldwide, serving some three million patients who are achieving significant savings compared to their home countries.

Dentistry also attracts what could be called « traveler packages ». You are on vacation and you have booked an appointment with the dentist for cleaning, examination, diagnosis and teeth whitening at affordable prices. As well as some business travelers whose work takes them abroad and thus plan dental care during their stay, which reduces the costs of dental treatment and travel costs.

We have compiled countries where dental care is both high quality and at rates allowing you to save up to 75% compared to your country of origin.


1. Colombia

The beaches of the Caribbean Sea, colonial history, fishing villages, an incredible diversity of nature, amazing cultural traditions and very welcoming people are just some of the attractions of Colombia. You can admire the cobbled bougainvillea streets of Cartagena de Indias, one of the most picturesque colonial cities in South America.

The country mainly attracts tourists from the Caribbean, South America, North America and more and more Europe, and their number is growing. The dental tourism industry is booming as patients from developed countries discover the benefits of traveling to Colombia for their dental care. Average savings of 50 to 75%.

Dental patients can benefit from first class treatment and high expertise. The health system in Colombia is very well perceived by the WHO.


Dental tourism abroad


2. Mexico

Mexico’s rich cultural heritage, its enviable climate and its countless sites make it a particularly popular place for Americans and Canadians looking for affordable dental care. Mexico is today one of the main dental tourist destinations in the world, where patients generally save between 40 and 60% of treatments, ranging from annual health check-ups to more complex cosmetic and restorative surgeries.

Due to recent social and political upheavals, patients on the move tend to prefer resort towns such as Cancun, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta.

Because trips to the dentist are so popular in Mexico, patients should make sure to check the patient’s history, accreditation and reviews, as well as the dentists’ references.


3. Hungary

Hungary has more dentists per capita than any other country and its healthcare regulations are starting to match those of Western Europe and North America. Budapest is the most popular dental destination in Hungary, although border towns such as Mosonmagyaróvár, Hévíz, Sopron and Gyor meet the needs of Austrians and Germans where costs in their country of origin are high.

The number of patients traveling to Hungary for dental treatment continues to increase each year. This is not surprising considering that the difference between local prices and prices abroad can reach from 45 to 70%. In the case of cosmetic dental treatments or extensive restorations, this can represent a saving of several thousand dollars for the patient.


4. Costa Rica

With its legendary climate, beaches and natural beauty, Costa Rica has built a solid reputation as one of the most famous dental tourism destinations in the world. Popular with American and Canadian patients, Costa Rica is attracting more and more patients from Europe, the Caribbean and neighboring countries in Central and South America. The savings are between 40 and 50%.

Not only does the country promote relaxation, but Costa Rica also has some of the best health care in Latin America. The country’s public and private health systems are constantly updated with new hospitals, new equipment and improved staff training, which means that their facilities are always first class.


5. Thailand

One of the pioneers for medical and dental tourism is Thailand which is visited by many Australians, British and Americans who are looking for savings of up to 75%.

International patients flock to Bangkok International Dental Center, a seven-story facility, which treats more than 50,000 foreign patients each year. The Center also houses a 30-room hotel, a bank, a restaurant and an on-site café.

The best Thai hospitals boast of having established, albeit more expensive, dental services.

Thailand is captivating, mysterious and charismatic with a mixture of old and modern, chaos and calm. This country offers compelling appeal to those seeking a rewarding vacation destination as well as quality dental care.