8 reasons why dental travel in Colombia is popular ?

Dental travel Cartagena Colombia

Colombia used to be known as an insecure country.

Today, Colombia is one of the countries with the highest tourism growth according to the Wikipedia site.

This growth has the effect of considerably increasing the number of people seeking dental care.

Here are 8 good reasons to choose Colombia for your dental care.


Colombia dental travel


1. 50 to 75% cheaper prices for your dental care

Dental tourism in Colombia is a great option for patients who don’t want to pay the extraordinary costs that exist in the United States, Canada, UK and other developed countries. When you receive a quote from a dentist that amounts to more than US $ 1,500 for a crown and that for the same work, you can pay US $ 300 in Colombia, then the doubts are not with Colombia, but with to all those dentists who ask for an exorbcxitant price.


2. No waiting time for dental care

Too often, appointments with dentists are too spaced, too numerous and often during our working hours. Few dentists work in the evening and adapt to their client. Thus, the wait can be long without counting a waste of time at your work. When you choose a dentist in Colombia, everything is done in less than a week or two, at the times that suit you and thus plan your care according to your schedule, not that of the dentist. When you arrive in Colombia, you get first class VIP treatment with no queues.


3. High skills in dental care

Colombia has more dentists and more universities than Canada. According to Ley 35 of 1989, article 42, the Ministry of Health in Colombia issues to each dentist a professional card attesting to their quality and sends the Colombian Dental Federation a complete list of registered professionals, with the corresponding number of their card. The number of years of experience a dentist has had is easily found by the year in which he received his accreditation. You can consult the social protection site in Colombia named ReThus or ask to see his professional card.


4. Very high health system

Colombia is one of the most influential countries in terms of plastic and cosmetic surgery. It strives to become one of the main forces in medical tourism and therefore strives to develop this industry by improving hospitals and private clinics, the safety of medical travelers and hotels. Colombia is ranked 22nd on the World Health Organization’s list of countries providing the best health care. Canada is 19th, the USA is 37th.


5. Transparency of dentists’ history

In Colombia there is a code of ethics for dentists under the law, Ley 35 of 1989. This is a court that reports the faults of dentists and is available to the public under this history web page. Simply enter the dentist’s business card number and submit the request. You will have an answer the next day by doing the same procedure and thus know the existence of professional misconduct.


6. Magnificent country to visit and discover

Long plagued by civil war and crime, Colombia has remained for decades a destination where only the most intrepid backpackers ventured. Today, all of that is just a distant memory. Here, culture, nature and a sense of hospitality form an enchanting mosaic which compensates for the absence of large emblematic sites.


7. Very welcoming and endearing people

Despite the fact that the country has long been considered a destination apart for its unstable security, Colombia has significantly improved its reputation and opened its doors to travelers. It is one of the most welcoming countries, and is recognized for the hospitality of its people around the world.


8. A booming tourist country

The tourist destinations of Colombia also make it a very popular place for dental tourists. There are many opportunities to relax on the thousands of kilometers of coastline. You can also enjoy many other activities such as deep sea diving, the tourist town of Cartagena, bird watching, hiking, coffee area, Amazon, flowers, music, etc. This is one of the reasons why Colombia is today at the top of many tourism lists.